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Day 19 - Food Diary


I’m back at school! That means my diet is going to be a bit better than it was in the term break. Back to my yoghurts and lunchtime sandwiches :) I was running late (awful for first day back) and decided my hair was more important than preparing breakfast so had to grab Activia the ‘probiotic’ yoghurt drink which claims to “clinically proven to help improve digestive transit”. So I guess it has fibrous content but I didn’t have time to read labels and I’ve heard all sorts of stories about this product (don’t know if true or not) but all I know is it isn’t breakfast food.

Breakfast - Strawberry Actimel Yoghurt Drink

Mid-Morning - Kiwi Activia Yoghurt

Lunch - 2 Prawn Mayonnaise Sandwhiches; Low fat mayonnaise

Evening - Bowl of Weetos Cereal

Dinner - Roast Potatoes, 2 Grilled Chickens, Steamed Vegetables; White

Plus: About  8 cups of water

  • Good Points: Back to eating and drinking water more regularly
  • Bad Points: Breakfast wasn’t a proper breakfast, didn’t fill me up until 11. White potatoes don’t contain a lot of protein but instead are high glecymic which causes the body to retain fat, Dinner was tasty but felt more comforting than healthy despite the steamed vegetables
  • Next Time: If I’m in a rush I can grab a fruit or 2 to go, Limit white potatoes or swap for sweet potatoes
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